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00:17:B1 - ACIST Medical Systems, Inc.

00:17:B2 - SK Telesys

00:17:B3 - Aftek Infosys Limited

00:17:B4 - Remote Security Systems, LLC

00:17:B5 - Peerless Systems Corporation

00:17:B6 - Aquantia

00:17:B7 - Tonze Technology Co.

00:17:B8 - NOVATRON CO., LTD.

00:17:B9 - Gambro Lundia AB

00:17:BA - SEDO CO., LTD.

00:17:BB - Syrinx Industrial Electronics

00:17:BC - Touchtunes Music Corporation

00:17:BD - Tibetsystem

00:17:BE - Tratec Telecom B.V.

00:17:BF - Coherent Research Limited

00:17:C0 - PureTech Systems, Inc.

00:17:C1 - CM Precision Technology LTD.

00:17:C2 - ADB Broadband Italia

00:17:C3 - KTF Technologies Inc.

00:17:C4 - Quanta Microsystems, INC.

00:17:C5 - SonicWALL

00:17:C6 - Cross Match Technologies Inc

00:17:C7 - MARA Systems Consulting AB

00:17:C8 - KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.

00:17:C9 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

00:17:CA - Qisda Corporation

00:17:CB - Juniper Networks

00:17:CC - Alcatel-Lucent

00:17:CD - CEC Wireless R&D Ltd.

00:17:CE - Screen Service Spa

00:17:CF - iMCA-GmbH

00:17:D0 - Opticom Communications, LLC

00:17:D1 - Nortel


00:17:D3 - Etymotic Research, Inc.

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