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00:0D:1F lan address vendor

You can find here up-to-date network vendor information for the ethernet hardware address including vendor address, website for driver download and internet configuration information.

registered data

Device mac address: 00:0D:1F

Simliar mac addresses..

Base16 encoding: 000D1F

registrar name: AV Digital

registrar address:

Pottendorfer Strasse 25-27/4/1/1
Wien 1120

URL for driver download:

registrar address geodata

The ethernet addresses beginning with 00-0D-1F are owned by the vendor Av Digital in Pottendorfer Strasse 25-27/4/1/1 Wien 1120 Austria. This registered set of 1 blocks is able to address a maximum of 16.777.216 devices.

These are analogous ethernet addresses to this one:

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