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00:17:3E network address information

You can find here current network manufacturer information for the ethernet hardware address including vendor address, url for driver download and internet configuration information.

base information

Device mac address: 00:17:3E

Simliar mac addresses..

Base16 encoding: 00173E

producer name: LeucotronEquipamentos Ltda.

producer address:

Rua Jorge Dionisio Barbosa, 312
Santa Rita do Sapucai Minas Gerais 37.540-000

Homepage for driver download:

producer address geodata

The ethernet addresses starting with 00-17-3E are registered by Leucotronequipamentos Ltda. in Rua Jorge Dionisio Barbosa, 312 Santa Rita Do Sapucai Minas Gerais 37.540-000 Brazil. This registered array of 1 blocks can identify a maximum of 16.777.216 devices.

These are analogous MACs to this one:

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