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34:95:DB lan address information

You can find here current network manufacturer information for the ethernet hardware address including vendor address, url for driver download and internet configuration information.

registered data

Device mac address: 34:95:DB

Base16 encoding: 3495DB

registrar name: Logitec Corporation

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registrar address:

8268 Rokudohara, Misuzu
Ina Nagano 3960111

URL for driver download:

registrar position

The ethernet addresses beginning with 34-95-DB are registered by Logitec Corporation in 8268 Rokudohara, Misuzu Ina Nagano 3960111 Japan. You will find troubleshooting information for the hardware on the vendor homepage here. This registered set of 2 blocks can identify a maximum of 33.554.432 devices.

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