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OOO InProMedia mac addresses

You will find here up-to-date vendor information including vendor address, url for driver download and network configuration information as well as all all belonging mac adresses.

vendor information

Vendor name: OOO InProMedia

Vendor address:

pr.4806, d.6
Zelenograd Moscow 124466

Website for driver download:

Showing all 1 registered mac address network prefixes: 20:05:E8

vendor location

All mac addresses starting with belong to the owner Ooo Inpromedia in Pr.4806, D.6 Zelenograd Moscow 124466 Russian Federation. One will find troubleshooting information for your device on the vendor homepage here. This registered set of mac addresses can address max. 16.777.216 devices.

The data are collected from public sources. Accuracy and actuality are not guaranteed. The named registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.